December 08, 2005

Last night I had the most incredible dream

I dreamed that I was driving by a home and was asked to call 911 because someone inside was ill (he was an Orthodox Jew... that's all I knew). I called and hundreds of people started flocking to the house to help. After the man was healed, we all marched to the Holy Kotel in Jerusalem to dance. There were hundreds of thousands of people, some holding up flags or pennants, dancing their way to the Wall.

I noticed that the dancing was dying down so I decided to do something about it. There were three other rooms where Jews were hanging out. One room was filled with secular Jews who were eating and drinking in a fashion not unlike a secular New Years party. In the second room, Jews were just talking but not following me to the Wall, the third room was a Beis Medrish where Orthodox Jews were davening. It hurt me that they would daven there and not at the Wall. All I wanted to do was to keep the dance going and show the world that the Jews were one people. I was able to coax some people to follow me to make a kiddush Hashem but many would not come.

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