December 25, 2005

Have a meaningful Chanukah

Chanukah means "dedication." Let's use this time to rededicate ourselves to Hashem and His Torah, Mitzvos, Ahavas Israel and our knowledge of the Holy Temple and its many mysteries.

Great Chanukah sites: (click titles)

The Chanukah Story (

The Laws of Chanukah (

The Secret of the Dreidel (

Chanukah: The Prequel - The astonishing connection between Alexander the Great and the Jewish high priest (

The Beauty Wars: The Chanukah battle isn't over yet (

Chanukah: The Light of Miracles - Illuminated by the light of the Chanukah menorah, we see that anything is possible (

Me: The war is not over. Jerusalem is still under fire and Jews must not sit back and remain silent. Speak out for the honor of G-d and his Holy Temple.

Papal Official Wants to Divide Jerusalem

The Arab League and a Vatican official separately, but simultaneously, are campaigning for Israel to divide Jerusalem. (read the rest HERE)

This Chanukah as you are celebrating, ask yourself: If need be, would I be willing to fight for Jerusalem and the Holy Temple?

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