May 19, 2006

Parshas Behar-Bechukusai - Shabbos Chazak

" If your brother becomes destitute and his hand falters beside you, you shall support him [whether] a convert or a resident, so that he can live with you."

Rashi: "35. you shall support him. Do not allow him to fall down and collapse altogether, in which case it would be difficult to pick him up again [from his dire poverty]. Rather, “support him” while his hand is still faltering [for then it is easier to help him out of his trouble]. To what can this be compared? To a load on a donkey-while it is still on the donkey, one person can grasp it and hold it in place. Once it falls to the ground, however, [even] five people cannot pick it up. - [Torath Kohanim 25:71] "

This has more practical applications then just money. Our nation is faltering as our enemies surround us with drawn swords. We need to help our nation by giving extra charity, learning more Torah and doing more chessed.

Rav Yisroel from Heineni has a beautiful thought: "The Torah is teaching us a lesson. If you can help a person don't delay. If one cannot afford to give charity a kind word of encouragement is always welcomed, this is called Chizuk giving strength. Nobody is so poor that they cannot afford a kind word."

Please help your fellow Jew by davening for the following cholim:

Miryam Rivka Bas Malka
Yaacov Ben Harriet
Bentzion Ben Yehudis
Miriam Mira Esther Bas Tema
Elchonon Ben Chasha Miriam

May Hashem send them a complete refuah!

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