May 04, 2006

SPEAK OUT to save Jerusalem!

Kadima MK Drawing Up Plan to Divide Jerusalem

( Kadima Knesset Member Otniel Schneller is drawing up a plan to divide Jerusalem. His blueprint would give turn over most of the Arab neighborhoods in the capital to the Palestinian Authority (PA), he told the Associated Press. The plan calls for moving the separation barrier westward.The status of the Old City would be part of a "special region with special understandings" but under Israeli sovereignty. Schneller stated, "Those same neighborhoods will, in my assessment, be central to the makeup of the Palestinian capital ... al-Quds, [the Arabic name for Jerusalem). We will not divide Jerusalem, we will share it."

Me: Outrageous! Speak up. Speak out. Write to Knesset and organize a petition. Do not stand by the blood of your brothers and sisters.

1 comment:

Neshama said...

I thought we were sharing it already. The Israeli arabs can go just about anywhere now.

But, wait a minute, maybe this will mean that the ketushas (and shahids et al) will have equality, and be able to set up shop in East Jerusalem, so they can target even more yidden!!! (G-d forbid)

This is just plain awful!

Maybe that earthquake (foretold) rumbling down the Hinom Valley will put everything in proper perspective.