June 06, 2006

More dreams...

Shavuos 1997

I was filled with question and doubt. Then an angel of Hashem appeared. She was my Guardian Angel! She showed me all my questions suspended in mid air. I was overwhelmed for there were so many questions. Then, with a smile on her face, the Malach revealed the answers to ALL my questions and the answers were suspended in mid air.

I dropped to my knees in gratitude and quickly tried to write the answers on paper. But as I wrote, the Malach waved her hand and the answers disappeared.

I was confounded, but happy knowing, knowing that my questions did indeed have answers.

November 1998

I was standing in a holy place. Perhaps a shul. A frum man lead me to a room where he pointed to the wall. Written on the wall in Hebrew was the word "Baruch" (blessed).

I acknowledged the writing, but he made me look closer. He told me to look between the letters
to read the spaces, the emptiness between the characters. Once I looked closer I understood what was written. It was the word "Oreach" (guest).

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