June 08, 2006

What part of "conquered" do you not understand?

Moslems Upset by Jewish Land Purchases in Jerusalem

We have to start a worldwide Islamic-Arab fund with the purpose of saving Jerusalem before it is lost to us." So says Sheikh Raad Salah, head of the Islamic Movement in Israel and Hamas supporter.

The Sheikh, a long-time enemy of Israel, called upon Arabs this week to continue their efforts to conquer Jerusalem. "The battle for Jerusalem does not involve tanks or artillery," Salah said. "Instead, the various Zionist institutions have employed a low and detestable style, with the support of American forces and other Western forces. These institutions work to collect billions of dollars, trying to put their hands, like pirates, on every cubit of the exalted land of Jerusalem, and on every home and every store and every market and every neighborhood and every holy part. This is, most unfortunately, what is happening night and day."

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yaak said...

love the headline