June 29, 2006

My dream last night

Note: I am not Chabad. I am 100% "Litvish" in philosophy and nusach. That being said, here was my dream last night--

I dreamed that I was driving to a meeting at a Hollywood studio. I was afraid that I might be late so I decided to sleep over in one of their offices. I didn't have a blanket so I wrapped myself from head to toe in a tallis (like you would do for a dead person).

When I returned home, I was told that over one million dollars in jewels was stolen. I was confused. Then I looked over and The Rebbe was next to me. We were sitting on the floor near a bed. He gave me comforting words and spoke of the jewels. I had an idea in my dream that the jewels were Jews. On the tip of his nose was a tiny brown spot not even a millimeter long. It was symbolic of his tiny aveiros he did in this world (I had learned that when one stands before the Heavenly Tribunal they are clothed in dirty garments, the dirt of their sins).

I looked over and saw a relative of my wife's (who's last name is actually a form of "Lubavitch" namely Lebovics). He was sitting at a table. He took a large jar of honey and took out a big scoop. He placed it on a sour grapefruit half. He then looked at me. I knew the symbolism: The sweetness of Geulah is near and will temper the sourness of Galus.

I then awoke.


nava said...

Can I ask a question?

How did a large jar of honey wwith a big scoop, places on a sour grapefruit half connect in your mind to the Geulah being near?

Judah HaKohain said...

It was revealed in the dream to me

nava said...

I posted your dream at
with link to your website.
thanks and regards, nava