June 08, 2006

More dreams...

July 1988

I was standing in a palace and a wise, old man was sitting on a throne. I walked over to him after he beckoned for me to do so.
He said (while pointing to his forehead): "Do you have eyes here, Judah?"
"No." I answered.
"Do you have eyes here (while pointing to his hips)?"
"No." I replied
"Do you have eyes here (pointing to his heart)?"
"Well," he replied, "you should feel honored to have eyes that see the future and understand the messages of the L-rd."
I then woke up.

April 1995

I was sitting in a dismal, empty room at dusk when I looked upon the ground and saw a body wrapped in a tallis from head to toe. I started to weep, for I knew it was my own physical body.
I had died.
I went to the Talmidim of my old Yeshivah to find counsel. I asked what I should do. They said in a dry and superior manner: "Truly a shame. Go and dig a hole for it." I asked for help
but no one would assist.
I wept some more, for I knew I wasn't permitted to touch a dead body.
I went to the Rabbaim of my own Yeshivah to find counsel. They yelled at me: "What did you learn in Gemora concerning this?" "I don't remember," I replied. The Rav glared at me with contempt. "You didn't tell me how much you like the crease in my hat!" And with that, he walked away.
Again I wept, but regained my strength. I stood and declared: "This is not truth!"
A bachur walked by and told me to unwrap the tallis and look the dead one in the face.
I refused.
I picked it up, carried it on my shoulder and buried him in the ground.


January 2002

On Shabbos I had the following dream:
I was standing in the rebuilt Beis Hamikdash in the Ezras Kohanim.
I was filled with a spirit of love and peace.
Crying, I dropped to the marble floor and prostrated myself before the Holy Paroches.
I bowed as I wept and thanked Hashem for rebuilding His house.
I stood up and behold, I saw a Torah scroll unrolled before me.
Another Kohain came over and asked me if I knew which parsha it was.
He pointed and said that it is Parshas V’Zos HaBrachoh and Parshas Bo.
I walked over to a shtender that was set up for prayers and saw a picture of the Rebbe sitting upon it.

[Interesting since I am straight up misnagdisch. I am neither Chabad or Chassidic]

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