June 05, 2006

New segment: Dreams

I have kept a dream journal since 1987. I have had many spiritual dreams that have much meaning for me. I am going to post some random ones.

Please feel free to comment and also post your own.

October 1988

I was sitting in my house and on one couch was Avraham Avinu in his last days. Around him were Isaac, Jacob, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah. They were all dressed in Biblical clothing listening to his wisdom on his death bed. I arose and there was a gentile man also dressed in Biblical garb and he spoke to me, saying: "How can you be so calm when your father Avraham is dying?"
I replied: "Avraham will die, but his children will live forever. Become one of us and become eternal."


October 1994

I was standing in front of a woman whose head and face were totally covered in old rags and bandages. I stared to unwrap the cloth, but it seemed to be never ending. She stared to speak in a raspy voice. "I am your Besheret, but I am sick. Go. I give [my then fiance, now my wife] to you for a gift." The woman was the holy Shechinah.

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